UK Visa Interview For Pakistan

England is now top at the list where student approaches for further studies and there are various reason for this selection. The UK is leading the entire world in studies and it has top universities and colleges those offer an excellent education with best methods. Moreover, student will be able there to support himself to get a job as part-time. All students applied under Tier 4, points based system and fulfill all the requirements for this study visa.

The UK embassy or consulate now arranged an interview system for Pakistani students to check the student’s caliber and separate bogus cases among them. Through this interview system they only sort out genuine students. The English reputable education intends to register right student for right education. Currently, if student from Pakistan will apply on study visa, then he/she must clear an interview conduct by visa application center.

The interview is based on the genuineness of the case and this interview isolates right and bogus cases. The visa officer study application and make a report, in the light of that report the visa officer conduct interview to check the reality. The visa officer thoroughly checks the supporting documents and originality of previous degrees or certificates. Now visa is issued after satisfaction that the case is real and for this purpose the candidates are called up at the High Commission. The interview is usually taken in English and Urdu languages. If the student is not able to conversation in English, then the translator will provide for this task. Interview is the only why that protect the reliability of the immigration system and it helps to induct real, intelligent and deserved students for further education in England.

The interview
The interview is scheduled by the British high commission and inform the student about two weeks prior to interview. Moreover, the embassy also instructs that what necessary thing student will bring with them on interview day. It is an important that student will be there more than 15 minutes before interviewing starts. If the student does not reach there in time, then this interview will be rescheduled. Students will submit visa application and supporting documents at visa center and pay visa application fee before this and provide fee receipt.
Documents for the interview

  1. A valid passport of student having at least one blank page.
    2. Recent passport sized photographs having size (45mm x 35mm)
    3. Complete application dully signed.
    4. Demand Draft (if fee paid at a bank to university or college)
    5. Sponsor letter or financial supporting documents.
    6. Photocopies and original educational documents and identity document.
    7. Medical report or tuberculosis test report from approved clinic.

Common question asked in interview for the student visa of the UK.
Q. Do you require interpreter?
Q. Are you ready to interview?
Q. Why did you select this college or university?
Q. Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your earlier studies?
Q. Do you know exact location of your college or university?
Q. Why the UK for higher studies? While this course is available in Pakistan.
Q. What are the course contents and structure?
Q. Who will sponsor you?