Norway Residence Permit Based On Protection

Norway granted different types of resident permit other nationals and among them one is resident permit for protection. If a foreign national feels fear and threat in his native country due to religion, race, political stand and nationality. The individual who wants to enter Norway as a refuge because of insecurity in his native country and threats, but all these circumstances must be proved by the asylum seeker. However, natural disasters, famine and difficult living conditions will not grant the right to be granted refugee status. Norway offer this due to European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Article 3, Norwegian states provide protection in these cases. It is also vital that the individual who committed mainly severe unlawful offenses just like war crimes and crimes against humankind will not be designated to refugee status.

Norway accept application from asylum seeker, but this country check all the application on merit and focus on all issues faced by the applicant in his country. There are many cases in the world where individuals from different countries of the world are facing terrible situation in their relevant countries and even their survival is on risk. The applicant who is looking for protection in Norway mostly facing discrimination on different grounds. Initially the asylum seeker report and submit application in nearby police station in Norway where they tell the problem due to that he is trying to get asylum in Norway. The police received his application and stayed him at asylum center in Norway, where asylum seeker

interview is conducted and if the applicants do not understand English or other language, then the interpreter is provided to him for easy and uninterrupted conversation. The interpreter translates his conversation in to Norwegian language. The interview is the most important point of asylum process and it decides the future of applicant. If the applicants do not have any solid proof to defend his case then it turned down within 48 hours, but if the issue has some solid ground, then it takes few weeks to month to decide.

After this interview, the applicant is shifted to asylum center in Oslo Norway where he can live without any cost. When Norwegian authorities take decision in the favor of applicant,  then he is granted a resident visa for Norway to live freely and work here without any hurdle. In case if the decision is against the applicant, then he is deported from the Norway to his native country. The asylum who is on initial or first resident permit can apply for permanent resident permit for Norway after completing three years in Norway. He can be granted a permanent resident visa after suggested period of time, but there are some other conditions which must be fulfilled by the applicant. It is an important that he was not involved in any criminal activity and he has cleared the Norwegian language test. Language proficiency test will be indicated through certificate issued by the municipality of Norway. Moreover, the applicant knows Norwegian laws and social ways.