Norway Permanent Residence Permit

Norway issues a temporary resident permit individuals who are living and working  in this country. Usually this resident permit is purely for the time being, but this temporary residence permit will be a solid base for permanent residence permit and that allow the individual to live and work for indefinite period. However, the permanent residence permit will issue with some basic conditions which will be fulfill by applicant living in Norway. The most important condition is that applicant must have spent at least three years in Norway for claiming permanent residence permit, but the time may change. There is some case in which this three years stay is exempted just as in research works. The other necessary requirements for this permanent residence permit are mandatory language and community classes. Family reunification, skilled work, and asylum are the main permits which will be the base of permanent residence permit, but studies will not a base for permanent residence permit.

Asylum may be a reason of permanent residence permit, but it is very technical and only experts or lawyers can guide about this. However, asylum can apply for the permanent residence permit if they have qualified the basic requirements for this type of case.

Family reunification.
The fiance permit is also prevailing in Norway and this permit allows you to enter the country and get married in six months. In this way apply for family reunification from within Norway. However, other requirements are the same as in family reunification. The future spouse still must meet all financial requirements.

Work permit.
The work permits also leads to immigration and it is comparatively an easy way to get destination. To get an employment in Norway the worker must have a bachelors degree related to the work you will be doing. Moreover, the applicant must have skills and experience of related work and for this applicant will provide proof of experience and skills.

Skilled workers.
Skilled workers from the USA and Canada can visit Norway for six months and search for job. The visitors from these countries can apply to permit from inside the country. The applicant must have NOK 500/day during his stay in Norway and applicant has to qualify to permit as a skilled worker

Additional requirements for Norway permanent residence permit.
It is also important that the applicant will be entitled to a permanent residence permit if he/she files his case in time. It means that submit your application when you have valid residence permit or apply before expiry of recent first permit. It is good to apply for a permanent residence permit just before one month prior to expiry of your permit. The Directorate of Immigration can refuse an application for a permanent residence permit in case when an applicant has been sentenced for criminal offenses. In, this case an extra time will be added in first permit maturity. Moreover, complete course certificate of Norwegian language and social studies that will be at least 250 hours in Norwegian language and at least 50 hours for social studies.