Norway Permanent Residence Permit requirements

A permanent residence permit is proof that the individuals can live and work in Norway forever. If someone is living in Norway from constantly three years, then the applicant can get a permanent residence permit. This permanent residence permit demands that applicant must be completed 250 hours of tuition in Norwegian and 50 hours of social studies otherwise the applicant will provide a proof of sufficient knowledge of the Norwegian language. Norwegian language skills are for every individual who secured residence permit and their age is between 16 and 55 years. This resident permits is not only a single way to get permanent residence of Norway, but there are some other ways to get permanent residence permit. However, this permanent residence permit demands some basic requirements from the applicant who is staying in Norway.

General requirements Norway permanent residence permit.
It is most important and valid reason that before applying permanent residence permit the applicant must reside in Norway and that should be more than three years. In this period the applicant has residence permits and it will be a solid reason for permanent residence permit. Norwegian language is also a necessary requirement for this permanent residence permit and the mentioned permits can be a ground for permanent residence permit just as skilled worker or specialist permit, self-employed person permit, family immigration permits, refugee permit and humanitarian issues permit. All these mentioned permits can also be a base for permanent residence permit for Norway.
Continuous duration of stay in Norway
The applicant who spent three continuous years in Norway and that permit will be a base for permanent residence permit. There will be no breach of more than 90 days between permit expiry and renewal application. It is also compulsory that you were not absent from Norway for seven months in last three years. Research work is exempted and then the limit will be 15 months, but proper documents as a proof will be provided by the applicant.

Good conduct requirement for Norway permanent residence permit.
The Directorate of Immigration keenly observe and under heavy inspection those individuals who have charged with criminal offenses. In case the applicant is not expelled on this ground and even then an extra period may be added to applicant eligibility criteria. A good conduct is a plus point for permanent residence permit.

Completed compulsory training in the Norwegian language
Applicants between the ages of 16 and 55 who have resident permit or work permit form the base of a permanent residence permit if applicant completed 250 hours of tuition in the Norwegian language and 50 hours of tuition in social studies under, Act Section 17.

Other documents for this Norway permanent residence permit.

  1. Application form for Norway permanent residence permit dully filled and signed by applicant.
  2. Valid passport of applicant having blank pages.
  3. Copies of degrees, certificates and diplomas.
  4. National Identity card.
  5. Initial or first residence permit.
  6. Employment letter.
  7. Norwegian language course completion certificate.
    8. Good conduct certificate from municipality