Norway Family Immigration Visa requirements / Process And Application

Family immigration visa allows the family members to visit other family member who, is living in Norway. This immigration visa is only valid when the family member who, is in Norway is have Norwegian or Nordic citizenship or holds a residence permit. These are few conditions for the family immigration visa to Norway. A residence permits on the base of family reunification is only awarded to kinship or close family members. The applicant has a resident permit after three years can apply for a Norway permanent residence permit.

The close family members list includes spouse and registered partner, Fiance, Cohabitants living for at least two years, Under 18 years old children whose parents are living in Norway and Parents those children below 18 live in Norway. All the family immigration visa condition required different types of supporting documents. In spouse immigration mostly birth certificates, wedding certificate are required. While family immigration to close family member required supporting documents that indicate the relation of applicant and sponsor in Norway.

Norway family immigration visa application.
Norway family visa applicant can register and submit application online through the Application Portal. It is very simple just selects the visa category, pay visa processing fee through credit card/debit card and take time from the Norway Visa Application Centre for visiting and submitting passport and other related documents. The application is officially registered on that date when applicant submitted his/her passport along supporting papers. After this, the embassy will dispatch all papers to Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in Norway. However, an appointed person in Norway can register an application on applicant behalf, but any required document will be deposit by an applicant. All original documents needed at the time of interview. Family immigration visa application will be submitted at Norway embassy, which is located in the native country of the applicant. The documents are thoroughly checked by the embassy and if they have any doubt they can ask for another supporting document.
Norway family immigration visa document requirements
Application can be submitted at Norwegian Foreign Service Mission in applicant’s native country. If applicant is currently in another country other than his native country, then he must have  work or residence permit in that country and it should be for the last six months before applying Norway. It is an important issue that when an applicant lacks any document then the application processing time will increase and in some case it may reject on this base. In case if the embassy arrange an interview, then it will inform applicant about this interview date, time and location. The following personal documents are required for family immigration visa.

  1. Family visa application form dully filled and signed by the applicant.
  2. Applicants birth certificates.
  3. Applicants passport photocopies contains all pages.
  4. Certificate that indicate the relation of applicant and sponsor in Norway.
  5. Job contract and details of jobs and salary slips for the last three months.
  6. Resident contract or agreement.
  7. Academic qualification documents.