Norway Application Process Based On Protection

There are many applicants who are getting nationalities of other countries through asylum or under protection. Norway also accepts the case based on asylum, in case when an applicant is ill-treated or fear harassment cruel treatment in your native country. The application for protection can be filed both from outside and from inside Norway. Norway authorities will thoroughly check the situation and circumstance, which is faced by the asylum seeker in his native country. If the asylum seeker satisfy the interviewer during investigation, then the permanent resident permit will be granted to asylum seeker otherwise he has to return to his home country.
Applying for protection in Norway
In this case the applicant or protection seeker should be in Norway or at the Norwegian boundary in order to apply, but this is only for resettlement or quota refugees. It is compulsion for applicant that he should tell the reality to Norwegian authorities if you fail to convince it will be punished by law. Applicant has to visit police and apply for protection in Norway and then the applicant will be transferred to arrival center. The interview will be conducted by authorities and an interpreter is allowed for this and it will keep confidential. Then, police will register an application form applicant side. Police will take fingerprints and have chatted with applicant and ask about the name, age and resident address. Hand over any identity paper or passport that indicates applicant nationality. Police will also question about why Norway and why are you looking for protection. Medical test will be conducted and the Norwegian Organization for Asylum will be informed about your case.

Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS)
NOAS is an association that advocates about the basic rights of asylum seekers in Norway. This organization delivers information to Asylum seekers. This is done in initial three days and they tell whole about the asylum process, rights and obligations.

Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.
The asylum seeker will be interviewed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and it is crucial moment of asylum. This interview will indicate that are you permitted a residence permit or not. So discuss only relevant and productive things. This interview duration will be for three to five hours and service of interpreter will be provided to asylum seeker. Applicant is moved to another asylum reception center for waiting of decision.

Residence permit is granted or rejected.
If the authorities think that the asylum seeker is in risk in his native country due to race, nationality, religion, political endeavors, or due to the security matter, then he approved asylum in Norway. Moreover, there is no single one protect you in your own country. If the case and compliant both are rejected, then you have to return to your home country.

Reside in a county when decided a residence permit.
Asylum seeker will move to municipality to attend courses to learn Norwegian, the Norwegian way of life and laws. This will facilitate you in practical life in Norway and help in job and other matters.