How to apply for political asylum in Norway?

Norway is among the nations who support asylum in case they have a genuine reason for this on other hand the application for asylum would be denied by the Norwegian authorities. There are various ways through which the asylum can be intact just as asylum on the base of political issue, asylum due to religion issues, discriminatory issues etc. The applicant can apply for asylum from inside and from on border of Norway.

Applicant just approach police and applies for asylum and provides details of circumstances. Moreover, that the applicant does not apply for asylum in any other country. Prove your identity, but asylum can be awarded without any identity. However, in later stages it will cause many problems for offspring. Political asylum can be applied for Norway, but it is very vital that the applicant will prove this that he is not secure in his native country due to a specific stance in politics. Politically applied asylum application needs investigation to find out the reality behind the scenario. On this ground application are very complicated and required more investigation to find the truth, but in real or genuine case it may grant an asylum in Norway.

Criteria for being granted asylum.
There are no specific criteria for granting asylum because it is a very complicated process and nobody can assess the reality. The details of each case are indicated through documents and interviews which are conducted by the Norwegian authorities. Interview indicate and point out the whole story about the case behind this asylum application. So interview decides the future of asylum seeker. The following steps are necessary for asylum for Norway.

1. Initially application is submitted in police station in Norway for asylum the police foreign unit is related to this matter. Police take fingerprints of applicant and ask about identity. It is necessary that applicant handover the passport and other identity documents to the police.

  1. Then, police sent the applicant to the arrival reception center and this center will provide information about rights and responsibility. 3. Medical or tuberculosis test will be conducted, which is necessary and counseling from Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) provided to applicant.
  2. Interview will be conducted by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and it takes normally three and five hours. The interpreter is also available for easy conversation and after this applicant is shifted to another asylum reception center to wait for decision.
  3. If the decision is in the favor of applicant, then he would be granted a residence permit and if not, then the applicant would be deported to his native country.
  4. On awarded initially first resident permit for Norway, which is for three years, will permit the holder to live and work in Norway for three years.
  5. After completing, three successful years in Norway the asylum can apply for permanent resident permit, but it requires some other basic things just like Norwegian language proficiency, which is certified by the local municipality. Moreover, the applicant does not have any serious criminal activity.