How Can Pakistanis Apply For Norway Asylum

Asylum or protection is a stay in another country on the ground that the asylum seeker is insecure or in risk in his country because of race, nationality, religion, political endeavors, or due to the security matter. Norway also protects the types of individuals who are in danger in their country. Pakistani can also apply or can get this asylum from Norway through any genuine reason, but it is more important that they must prove that the reason behind this case is real. Moreover, the given reason must also be a real threat for him in his native country.

Asylum seeker is a person who has reached in Norway without any reference or any permit or permission. If the application of asylum seeker is accepted, then it will call immigrant and it turned down by the Norway authorities, then he will be expelled from the country. In second case then the applicant will not apply for any type of permit or visa. The person who is discriminated, cruelly treated in his country will be relevant for asylum in Norway.

How to apply for Norway Asylum.
Asylum is not an easy task and it must be proved and defended by the asylum seeker otherwise it will be rejected by the higher authorities in Norway. First, the Pakistani asylum seeker will report in police that he is being discriminated or threatened in his native country because of these reasons and now he is looking for asylum permit in Norway. The case will refer along the asylum seeker to the National Police Immigration Service in Oslo. The applicant is allowed to take an interpreter for interviewed. Then, your asylum application forwarded to National Police Immigration Service. The applicant will provide all necessary information about them just as name, address etc. He will also provide his relevant documents like passport which will indicate the nationality of applicant. Moreover, the applicant has to clear name and address of close relative in Norway. The fingerprints will be taken and then they will ask about this that how you have approached Norway.

The asylum seeker at an ordinary asylum reception center his medical or tuberculosis test will be conducted and Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) will brief you about rights and duties. If the applicant for asylum is from that country, which is protected by their own authorities then your application for asylum will be rejected within 48 hours. While other application will be entertained thorough standard procedure and applicant can line in Norway and response will be produced in a few months. In criminal cases the application is processed in a few weeks and rejected for asylum. So it is necessary that solid and genuine reasons can only grant an asylum permit for Norway. Norway authorities fully support the asylum seeker, but if  he has  some solid reason to leave the native country and has a serious threat to his life. If the reasons are genuine and proved, then the asylum seeker will be granted a residence permit of Norway.