Germany work visa

Germany is well developing country in Europe and it provides fantastic environment to their inhabitants, but Germany also provide best working conditions for foreign employees. Germany has some strict rules regarding workers. There are some countries in the world whose national do not require any work permit to get a job in Germany just as America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and Korea. The citizen of these countries on entrance in Germany will use their residence permit to work purposes.

However, the citizen of other countries will arrange work permit before entering into Germany. When application to work visa will be approved by working office, then embassy will release residence permit in visa form. This document allows the holder to work in Germany and there is no need to get other paper or work permit after reaching in Germany. These are three works visa categories for Germany.

1. General employment. Germany hires foreign workers in the general employment category according to demand of this country. This work visa requires two main things just as vocational qualification and genuine job offer letter from German employer with detail and description of employment and it requires the mentioned documents.

  1. Dully filled resident application form.
    2. Two recent colored passport sized photographs.
    3. Applicants valid passport.
    4. Vocational qualification certificates copies.

    2. Specialist professional. Germany is keen to hire skilled or some professionals from the world to live and work for this country. These special skilled professionals have specific qualification and experience. The specialist required in universities teaching staff and seasoned managers. The salary for these professionals will not be less than 86.400 Euros per year. Moreover, they have capability to adjust in German culture, have enough funds to live in Germany and they must have a job offer from German employer. The employees have mentioned documents.

  1. Du ally filled application form for resident permit.
    2. Recent colored passport sized photograph.
    3. Valid passport of an applicant.
    4. Professional equalization documents and experience.
    5. Contract letter from German employer.
  2. Self-employed. This residence permits are specially designed for proposed business that completes the requirement of Germany and it should be beneficial for society. The business should be by applicant capital or loan and it is declared in written form. The businessman who has 1 million Euros and can provide ten new jobs, then he is eligible for this. The applicant business should be legal and has experience for that. The following documents required for this self- employed permit.
    1. Complete application form for a residence permits.
    2. Two recent color photographs.
    3. Valid applicant passport.
    4. Business details and enough funds to establish business.

Germany work visa required documents.
1. Two dully filled application form for residence permit.
2. Two recent passport photographs according to require conditions.
3. Valid applicant passport having at least two blank pages.
4. Job offer or employment contract letter from employer from Germany.
5. Driving license or other utilities bills which will indicate the nationality of applicant.
6. Attested copies of all documents. 7. Visa processing fee receipt.