Germany transit visa

Germany has a strong and key position in Europe it has centrally located in Europe. Germany due to its position and location has numerous transits in single day. The majority of international passengers do not require a visa in transit position in Germany airport. They are a list of countries mentioned below require Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Turkey. The national of these countries do not need an airport transit visa if they hold valid visa for the UK, Ireland, Japan, Canada, USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Lichtenstein or they are an EU/EEA/EFTA national and contains British “Residence Card of a family member of an EEA National. Similarly diplomatic passports holders. It is an important that an airport transit visa does not permit to stay overnight leave the airport.

Transit visa or transit is required on airports when the passenger waits for their new flight for a new destination or they change their route. There are some travelers who have this facility of transit while some passengers do not have this ease. Germany is situated in central Europe and it is famous tourists place in the world. Germany is an important transit country in Europe and it indicated a list for nations who require transit visa and who do not need transit visa. There are some countries in the world where travelers do not leave the transit area or stay overnight and they have to continue the traveling. This Germany transit visa provides facility for a short stay in the international transit area. The airlines and travel agencies inform this issue in detail. In Germany these mentioned airport provides stay at the International Transit Area without visa. Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Munich.

German transit visa is a facility for those passengers and travelers who want to travel through Germany. This transit visa is available initially in five airports of Germany. Transit visa holders are advised that they will stay in prescribed area of airport where they can take their belongings with them, but the baggage will again checked by airport authorities. Germany transit visa will be available on such circumstances just as delay in the next flight or change of flight or any other delay. The travelers can stay in the international transit area more than 12 hours and if traveler takes his luggage, then it requires check-in again. Transit visa varies from country to country and it is according to the rules of that country. Transit visa stretched from few hours or few days, but usually it consists of 12 hours.

Required documents for Germany transit visa.
1. Application form dully filled in English or German language and signed declaration.
2. Passport sized color photographs according to be mentioned rules.
3. Valid passport copy of applicant.
4. Airline confirmed ticket of last destination.
5. Visa copy, residence permit of destination if required.
6. Driving license or utility bill, which is on applicant name and that will indicate the nationality.