FAQs about Norway Permanent Residence Permit

Norway is located in Europe and it is a developed country, now most of the people and students want to study there. There are a lot of option persist for families and immigration person. Denmark has its own rules and regulation about visa, immigration, family reunion, permanent residence permit etc. Therefore a lot of people ask different question about these matter and for this purpose here are few frequently asked questions about these issues. Most of frequently asked questions answer different queries which most people have in their minds and these question will be helpful to understand the basic of issues.

  1. What is a visa?
  2. Visa is legal document that allows the person into another country for a specific time period.
  3. What does single, double and multiple visa mean?
  4. It means that person can enter another country on visa one, two or many times.
  5. Where can I submit my document?
  6. Applicant can submit documents in the Norwegian Embassy in your native country.
  7. Do I have to submit the documents personally?
  8. Yes.
  9. Can I submit supporting documents after I already filed my application?
  10. Yes, but within one week after submitting application.
  11. When can I apply?
  12. Application can be submitted through prior appointment.
  13. How long will it take to process the application?
  14. Usually embassy takes 15 to 30 working days to process the visa application.
  15. If my application is refused, can I appeal?
  16. Yes, within three weeks after decision.
  17. How will I get to know why my application was refused?
  18. Rejection letter brief details and reason of refusal.
  19. What is the difference between a visa and a residence permit?
  20. A visa is issued for limited time, but residence permit allows the holder to stay in Norway for a long time.
  21. How do I apply for a residence permit?
  22. Residence permits are usually awarded on family immigration, work or studies in Norway.
  23. Which residence permit should I apply for?
  24. This will depend upon individual’s situation and background.
    Q. How do I apply for a residence permit?
  25. To apply for a resident permit, applicant must register his application online.
  26. Do I have to apply personally?
  27. Yes, all applications must be filed personally through only appointment.
  28. My residence permits is about to end. How can I restore my permit?
  29. It can be renewed just one month before your permit expires, but it should be applied prior to three months.
  30. I wish to take back my application. Can I get the fee paid refunded?
  31. All fees are non-refundable after application submission.
  32. My application was refused. Can I refund my fee?
  33. No.
  34. Do I submit originals documents?
  35. Yes, embassy requires originals documents for visa processing.
  36. What is a residence card?
  37. A residence card is issued to those having valid residency in Norway.
  38. Can I appeal if my application is refused?
  39. Yes, applicant has the right to appeal against decision.