FAQ About Norway Visit Visa

Norway is situated in Europe and it is also included in Scandinavian countries list. Norway has fantastic natural splendor and amazing scenic beauty. Norway is also modern country in the world and it accommodated individuals from all over the world. Norway is visited by millions of visitors each year throughout the world. This country also earns more capital from this touring segment.

Norway all other countries of the world permits only those visitors or tourists who have visitor visa. The visitor visa is issued from the Norway embassies which are located about all over the world. There is a specific application form to visit visa and other supporting documents are also required for this visa application. However, financial issue to visit visa is compulsory and it demand handsome amount for tour expenses, traveling charges, living expenditures and even for insurance, which is necessary to visit visa.

  1. How do I apply visit visa for Norway?
  2. A visit visa can be applied through Norway embassy through taking appointment before visiting embassy. Moreover, if the visitor visits Norway to visit someone, then he/she applies for a visitors visa for up to 90 days.
  3. What do I need to be arranged a visa?
  4. A valid passport and its validity should be remained after these visits. Applicant must have enough money to meet the expenses during the stay in Norway. If someone has short or less funds, then he/she may rejected even at the border. Although he/she has a visa, so financial support is necessary and vital for this visit visa.
    Q. Do I have to tour into the country for which I am applying for a visa?
  5. No, applicant can visit all Schengen countries when he/ she obtains visit visa for Norway.
  6. Will I need more than one visa to visit other Scandinavian countries?
  7. No, only Norway visit visa will be valid for all Scandinavian countries.
  8. Can I am approved a visa for more than three months if I visit some other countries?
  9. The visit visa is issued only for three months or less than this and visitor must leave the country before due date.
  10. Can I appeal if my visa application is rejected?
  11. Yes.
  12. Who requires a visa to visit Norway?
  13. All people require visit visa and only visa exempt countries inhabitants can visit Norway without visa.
  14. Where do I apply for a visa to Norway?
  15. The visit visa application will be entertained in Norway embassy, but appointment is must prior to visit embassy.
  16. When will I deposit visit visa processing fee?
  17. The visa processing fee must be deposit before the application submission.
  18. How long does it take to process a visa application?
  19. The visit visa application can be processed within two weeks; it is up to the countries from where the applicant is applying.
  20. Documentation requirements.

A. A valid passport, traveling documents, written invitation from the Norwegian sponsor, medical insurance of a minimum of EUR 30,000 etc