Dubai Construction Jobs

Dubai construction jobs

Dubai is famous for its constructions or various types of buildings just as Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower, 23 Marina, Elite Residence and Almas Tower. Dubai adopted different types of architect designs and creates an outstanding huge buildings in this desert. Dubai catches attention of the world in this art of construction and Dubai has fine class construction companies. Dubai touches cultural, traditional and modern designing in this field. Dubai construction companies hire the best construction staff and labor from the world. There are various types of construction jobs in Dubai to fulfill the all needs and requirement in this domain. Mostly construction companies induct constructional staff in these capacities such as managers, engineers, brick and block masons, carpenters, welders, cutters, forklift and heavy machinery operators. Beside these Dubai also demands huge number of skilled and unskilled labor from the world. Although construction jobs are tough in this part of the world, but it pays more than any other job.
How to apply Dubai construction jobs

Dubai construction jobs are usually taken through reference, but there is a systematic system through that construction staff is hired. Dubai usually hire or appoint the construction workers through their nominated agents or Kafils which arrange and appoint all constructions staff on their own behalf and then provide to main construction companies. These Kafils or sponsor advertised vacant construction position in leading newspapers in Arabic and English. However, now about all construction jobs are announced and advertised through online websites. Huge construction companies have their own websites while there are many job websites which advertise these positions for their visitors or jobs seekers. The most common way is through personal contact with Kafils or company can arrange a construction visa for labor or others. Construction companies hire both experienced and raw hand workers for their companies, but experience workers draw more salary than the inexperienced person. The applicant can apply for all construction jobs online through their relevant websites or by ordinary mailing or reliable courier service.

Documents for Dubai construction jobs

Construction companies usually hire experienced staff from the world, but raw hand qualified construction staff can also apply. Mostly applicant sends their CVs and other related documents to construction companies or Kafils. There are some construction jobs which require highly qualified staff just as engineers, surveyors and architects. They must have to present their professional qualification to companies for assessment. However, there are some common or necessary documents for all applicant required for all construction jobs and which must be provided by all applicant. It is important that the applicant must provide all his documents along his application through online by scan copies or through ordinary mail with hard copies. The papers will be assessed by the company prior to hiring an employee.

  1. Applicant valid passport containing at least two blanks pages.
  2. Application on recommended format.
  3. Fresh CVs having all necessary personal details.
  4. All degrees, certificates, diplomas or any other experience certificated related to this job.
  5. National identity card.
  6. Medical fitness certificate if needed.